E.I.C.I worldwide

E.I.C.I = Employee Involvement in Continuous Improvement


E.I.C.I. is a method which has been developed by Dr. Michal Shelly - Barak.

Its purpose is to locate failures in safety, quality and efficiency, jointly with the team of managers and employees

The rationale of E.I.C.I. is based on the “mixed approach” where the actual involvement of managers and employees who are part of the decision-making process as to their current activity, will lead to adopting their decisions and remaining consistent in their implementation

the concept

  • Proactive outlook of failures at a specific workstation, from the aspects of safety, environment, quality and efficiency.
  • Developing the proactive outlook among employees.
  • The observation is carried out by video in which the employees themselves are filmed.
  • Developing the involvement of employees in improving the process they are involved in – depending on the Department Manager’s commitment to handle the improvement plans offered by employees in the course of the workshop.
  • The film created during the process is a tool which will serve the Department Manager in training all other employees of the departmenT.


1. Coordinating the relevant workstation with the relevant manager.

2. Outlining expectations and introducing the process to the Unit Manager.

3. Filming by a video the relevant workstation  6-8 hours.

4. Cutting  the film to 20-30 mint .

5. Conducting a workshop in order to review the identified faults & defects, and raising mitigation & improvements plans. Using  Safety Risk universe during the workshop. 

6. Adding subtitles to the film according to the workshop results.

7. Sending the final report & the film (20-30 minutes)

8. Implementing the corrective actions (the Unit Manager).

The Goal

Is to identify faults and failures and promote changes, in order to increase efficiency at the workstation, and provide offers for efficiency and corrective actions by the team of employees.

The tool which has been developed is carried out by filming a routine workday at the workstation. Then the film is watched by managers and employees under professional guidance. This is performed while analyzing the conduct at the workstation and locating gaps in the perception of safety. It includes the proper use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), following procedures, machinery safeguarding, observing quality, distribution of burden among employees, increasing the efficiency of work methods, shortening processes, etc.

The E.I.C.I. process is an advanced tool where safety improvement takes place by recruiting those who are involved in it, and the processes are formulated with the joint participation and involvement of both managers and employees, which guarantees their ongoing implementation.


1.   Referring to the workspace & locating potential hazards.

2.  Identifying shortcuts in the process.

3.  Raising suggestions for relevant changes to make the current process more efficient. 

4.   Involving the staff with the new approach and implementing the reformed actions.

5.   Enhancing the awareness to constant increasing of efficiency at the  workspace.

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